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Radio reaches 93 percent of the American population

An advertising platform that delivers nearly universal coverage represents an extraordinary opportunity for delivering your message to prospective customers. The key to successful radio advertising is maximizing your reach in your target market, without spending money on extras that don’t justify the additional cost with incremental sales.

Radio is more diversified than ever (e.g., broadcast, streaming, website, texting, live events). We understand radio and how to generate maximum impact by choosing the stations that deliver the audience most likely to be interested in your offerings.

Advoke has established relationships with hundreds of network, local, and satellite radio stations. We use the clout of our combined media spending to negotiate the most favorable rates for all of our clients, ensuring the optimum “reach” (number of people exposed to your message) and “frequency” (how many times they hear it) for your budget.

Understanding radio advertising costs can be tricky. Our close relationships with radio stations nationwide allow us to negotiate the lowest rates for “short form” (commercials), “long form” (block programming), station events, talent endorsements, interactive station website campaigns and mobile phone ads.

We also provide full creative services for any platform.

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