• Client-Oriented.

    Founded in 2008, Advoke Media is a boutique advertising agency specializing in media buying, with offices in both Northern and Southern California. Our small team of elite creative and technical professionals provides tailor-made marketing and ad solutions for our clients. We plan, produce, and place effective ads for our clients.

  • No medium reaches more people than radio (93 percent of the U.S. population), and no one knows radio better than Advoke. We place radio spots on more than 450 stations in the U.S. and Canada, plus satellite radio, and our extensive industry relationships allow us to negotiate deep discounts for our clients.


    The power of television to convey images is undeniable, and that makes it a powerful medium for influencing your customers’ purchasing decisions. We create campaigns with the most cost-effective blend of reach, frequency, and relevance to your audience.

  • Whether it’s cost per click, per acquisition, or per lead, we’ll help you navigate the online waters and find the best outlets for your message.

    Our unparalleled creativity and media savvy help us combine targeted messaging with the perfect outlets for your print advertising. Our long-standing relationships with publishers enable us to get huge discounts on ad space in publications such as Forbes, People, Wired, and many, many others.

  • We’ll place your messages anywhere, from billboards to building illuminations to mobile image projection—and even on pizza boxes.

    We are strategic partners with Bay Area based Xfive, offering you access to world-class web development services at extremely competitive rates. Contact us about your web application development needs.